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Observăm folosirea constantă pe rețele sociale a unui fenomen mai degrabă…estetic. Hashtag-ul este presărat în multe postări, ca element de evidențiere a unor cuvinte sau a unor fraze ce exprimă accentuat mesajul publicat. Ei bine…nu pentru asta a fost creeat!

Un hashtag este un cuvânt sau o frază fără spații, precedat de simbolul „#” (numit „hashtag”). Atunci când un utilizator adaugă un hashtag la o postare pe Facebook sau alte platforme, acesta devine un link clickabil care duce la alte postări care conțin același hashtag. Astfel, utilizatorii pot explora și descoperi conținut relevant sau pot participa la conversații specifice. Mai mult sau mai puțin pe scurt, ACESTA este înțelesul unui hashtag! Să te ducă la aceeași categorie sau la același subiect dezbătut.

It originally appeared on the Twitter platform, and its purpose is as described above. It was immediately adopted on Facebook, but more as an aesthetic, trendy symbol. Now it's used everywhere, including - probably - on the newest social platform called Threads.

Hashtag-ul însă este un instrument puternic de SEO. Datorită hashtag-urilor, utilizatorii pot găsi conținut relevant în funcție de interesele lor. Fie că urmăresc un hashtag specific sau că fac căutări în funcție de un hashtag, aceștia pot explora și descoperi postări care sunt legate de subiectele care îi interesează. De exemplu, dacă ai fi un organizator de evenimente și ai publica o postare pentru a evidenția organizarea în curând a unui eveniment, nu are sens să pui un hashtag de tipul #MaDistrez. Este de preferat să alegi hashtag-uri populare, mai multe ca număr și mai țintite, ce te avantajează. De exemplu: #Evenimente #Concerte #ConcertBucuresti #EvenimentOradea #TrupaX. Ba chiar, organizatorii aflați în competiție ar trebui să cunoască aceste lucruri și să publice în același „registru” pentru a creea un tip de categorie generală pe rețeaua socială.

Utilizarea hashtag-urilor pe Facebook adaugă valoare și relevanță conținutului pe care îl postezi și facilitează conectarea cu alți utilizatori care au aceleași interese. Prin utilizarea hashtag-urilor potrivite, poți crește vizibilitatea postărilor tale, poți participa la conversații și evenimente, și poți promova brandul tău într-un mod cu adevărat eficient!


Every client ever: I want to be on the first page of Google! Well, let's see what this means and if it is possible and how!

It's (somewhat) understandable that a potential client would ask us to get on the first page of Google. For example, when you search for "service Constanta" on Google, you would like to get to the first page, of course, but it's not that easy! p.s. By the way, that on the first page of Google is "put" there by our company. Modesty modesty, but a little praise doesn't hurt!

To get on the first page you need to tick some important factors:

1. A good SEO

By calling a good company (or even a neighbor who knows everything and IT too, why not?) you have a chance to get on the front page. The condition is always the same: That person or that legal entity has to prove that they have done this before and they have to prove that they know how.

2. Competition

It's not exactly easy to compete with the Competition. If there are many people in your market fighting for the same domain, you may not stand out as much if they are much older or much bigger or with a bigger Marketing budget. But this is relative. Read on!

3. A good business model

Come what may, a Marketing firm has no way to outline your Business and Sales profile. Not normally. If YOU as a company don't know how to attract customers, any third-party help on the Online side will not help you that much to achieve some Profit goals.

4. A good SEO

We're repeating ourselves a bit here because there are really some technical underpinnings that can help you come out ahead. A continuously optimized website can dethrone even a bigger and better business like yours online! How? The secret of the trade let's say but overall... a good knowledge of IT and online marketing techniques of the entity working for you. But be careful! That might take 3 months or 6 months or 12 months. It depends on many factors, but it's almost guaranteed to be a long-term result!

5. You're already on the first page of Google!

There is a possibility that you can overcome the fierce competition in your city or region through a peculiarity of the business. Do they sell many building materials in your area? So what do you do differently? Maybe you are a manufacturer of building materials, and this will send you to the front page! So, if someone didn't find you on the first page of Google when searching for "iron concrete craiova", they might find you first on the Google page for "production iron concrete craiova". And from there, there's a good chance your business will rank higher in Google searches for multiple types of keywords, depending on how many people interact with your business and the quality of your offline business, which translates into online relevance !

However you take it, the general idea……….is not always a particular one. Sorry to disappoint! It is complex, yes. However, it is also quite clear for a company like ours how the method of success should be applied! For questions and clarifications, contact us with confidence!




Every year we discover new changes in the big platforms. Many change substantially, while others merely update their performance requirements. We must always be...informed.


It helps a lot to have a Facebook of your small or large business, but you also need to think seriously about a website that defines your business. It also defines it for you in front of Google, and then Google will know how to present it to potential customers. For example, when a potential customer searches on Google for something like "constanta used tires", your company may be the first relevant search engine. By the way, the first relevant result in Google for this search is a website made by us, Binario.


You can leave this to marketers, but the business is yours and only you will know what represents you best. If you have a tailor shop, it helps a lot to call yourself "" (again, another website made by us), and that might get you on the first page of Google quickly when searching for "croitorie constanta", but it is not mandatory to do this. As long as your business is a good and serious one and as long as the website is well structured and correctly made, you can also call yourself "Ac și Ață SRL" and be very successful. So, your domain name must first and foremost be representative of your brand and business, and also be easy to pronounce and easy to understand so that it can be quickly typed into a search bar on a laptop or phone.


Those who will build your website will also implement some defining keywords. Here you can also help a lot. A short keyword can be ok, an elaborate keyword can contain two or three word phrases that get decent search volume, a complex keyword can be made up of long, more specific phrases.

That is, if you sell construction materials in Iasi, you could opt for the "construction materials iasi" set, but if you have a lot of competition, you might get lost among the results. You can sell cheap fence netting so you can use exactly that in the keywords: "cheap fence netting iasi". More complex, more specific, helps a lot! By consulting with the team at the online marketing agency, you will find the right mix, and they will further know where and how to implement this data.


Taken from Economics textbooks is this advice: find out what your competition is doing. How do they – the others – promote themselves? In what environments and how? What do they do differently and what do they do similarly? A little analysis goes a long way. BUT, if you want to open a small shawormerie and you want your Marketing Agency to turn you into McDonald's overnight, and that too with a tiny budget, then... we still have a few lessons to go through on Business, Marketing, Online Environment and Promotional Techniques ! Success in Online is translated by the company's work in Offline + a consistent online promotion budget for increased results.

These are only a small part of the tips to be visible in Google, but this small part matters a lot. Stay tuned to our blog for future tips and ideas!


SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) of a website means detailed work behind it. It starts from a basic knowledge of IT, a basic knowledge of the Internet and ends every time with Statistics or analytical data (Analytics). it should.

SEO and Google relevance

I want to be on the first page of Google! Sound familiar? It's probably your first thought when it comes to benefiting from a website and it's what we hear very often in our field, but for that, we have to "bribe" Google well and the top, not necessarily financially. As a rule, technically sound optimization and content relevance gets us right on the first page. Even we take our projects to the front page very casually sometimes (and with a lot of work and experience behind it, understand that too) or with a limitation of some keywords in a market full of strong competition on the same niche. The idea is that SEO means putting the right people at the helm to describe yourself to the Internet as well as possible.


In the Faculty, Economics professors teach students that any work must have...a result. Now, you can't really brag about doing good SEO without proving its effectiveness, can you? Well, many go exactly on this premise, but the serious ones work together with the promoted company to "tell" it as well as possible to the world on the Internet and to bring to its door a real number of people who interact by calling, buying online or visiting in physical location. Many of these interactions are carefully monitored and always modified/optimized by SEO specialists through tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook tools or the website's own tools.

The purpose of SEO and the purpose of analytics is always the same: to sell. So when you see that the sales are coming to you from the online directions of your new presence there, you will realize that you are in the hands of specialists!


The last few years have seen a lot of changes in the online world, but - as the story goes - some things never change. We have many search engines in this world, but only Google is relevant to the social diversity found in the world. As a result, we're left with that age-old question: What does Google like best?


The most important aspect that Google is looking for to help you in the end is Relevance. A website needs to be relevant for a reader or a possible customer. Google wants to be efficient in what it does, so it wants to give people a quick and "on target" result through a search. That generates interest, that generates revenue, that's what Google likes. So your website must be Relevant. That mostly means a generous description of the featured product or service, original and non-duplicated content just for the sake of filling the pages. In short, this aspect is very important for your presence in Google.


Links from your website have another relevance. Everything is interconnected these days, so if there is a physical location, you need to create it on Google and add it to the website if necessary. If you have social media pages with your business, link to them, as Google sees them well through its tools and those of its partners. Do you have a whatsapp number? Even Facebook asks you for it! Add it! Links build a complete picture of your company.

Technical situation

Last but not least, make sure you have a good technical condition of your website. Many websites that had a good position in Google remain behind today because they are not... taken care of. A website is a living organism, which must be constantly monitored. A simple mistake like SSL (security) can sabotage your good position in Google.v

So let's make Google or Bing or others happy and plan our future online project well!

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