ROeID – Simplifying online access to public services in Romania


In the digital age we live in, governments around the world are reconfiguring their infrastructure and services to adapt to the new demands of citizens. Romania is taking important steps towards digitization with the launch of the ROeID platform by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization. ROeID provides citizens with a unique digital identity and facilitates simple and fast access to all government platforms. This innovation brings numerous benefits, both for citizens and for the public administration.

The initiators of the platform have already signed 10 collaboration agreements with Institutions that present their services through online media. One of the main benefits of ROeID is the facilitation of authentication in the digital platforms administered by the Romanian state, by displaying a button at the top of the websiteAuthentication with ROeID". In other words, one identity for several websites. Citizens no longer have to go through the tedious process of physical presentation at counters and identity verification by officials. Through the ROeID app, users can quickly and easily log into all government platforms using a single set of credentials. It removes the barriers of time and distance, allowing citizens to access public services at any time and from anywhere, via mobile phone or other internet-connected device.

ROeID simplifies the access process to government platforms, such as SPV, town hall platforms and the service HUB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Citizens can use the ROeID digital identity to log into these platforms, eliminating the need to create and manage multiple accounts and passwords. This centralized system reduces the time and effort required to access public services, providing a smooth and consistent user experience. Another crucial benefit of ROeID is security and protection of personal data. The unique digital identity provided by ROeID is protected by advanced security and encryption measures. This ensures that sensitive user information is kept safe and accessible only by the authorized person. By centralizing the authentication process, ROeID reduces the risk of fraud and unauthorized use of personal data.

ROeID represents a European project, worth a total of 74 million lei, with a completion date of August 2023. Currently, there are still some details to be worked out, but the program developers invites you to use the mobile phone application that has already been downloaded over 500 times and constructively report any bugs or errors that occur.

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